‘Progressive’ America

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Ramblings

Progressive America is a place that few would recognize as the proud and strong United States. What once had shone as a beacon of hope for the oppressed throughout the world will have turned upon her own with the crippling weight of debt and despair. She will be weak without a compass to guide her, and she will no longer be safe from her many enemies abroad because they will know that America has lost her way…

Personal responsibility and innovation will no longer be valued, having been replaced with dependence on Government entitlements that enslave in the name of compassion. It will be a land in which citizens will be forced to pay for abortions at any point in pregnancy while the elderly and the disabled languish on waiting lists for medical treatment. A health care system that once was the envy of the world will be reduced to a rubble of Government regulations and restrictions.

Civilian forces will have the power to break down the doors of those who disagree with Government in midnight raids while citizens will be turned against each other in the name of tolerance and justice. Anyone who dares to question the motives or actions of Government will be targeted with personal and polarizing attacks meant to destroy dissent and freedom of speech.

Schoolchildren will not be taught about America’s Founding Fathers and Judeo-Christian roots and any reference to the Christian God will be stricken from public life. Parents will have no right to decide where their children attend school or what they are taught about right and wrong. Social and moral truth will be decided by Government and those who disagree will be guilty of hate crimes. Religious freedom will exist only for those who do not profess Christianity.

Radio, television and the internet will be censored at the whim of Government. Media will be controlled and only those viewpoints that agree with Government will be allowed to exist. The doors of the courts will be shut in the faces of millions of citizens for whom they should be the protector of the personal freedoms that are the foundation of our republic.

A Progressive president, Barack Obama, is in the White House. But he should not be able to reach out from the muck of Chicago corruption, reach into the muck of Washington politics and impose his radical vision of the Constitution on the next generation of Americans.

America is a stronger and freer nation than Progressives think and because of their arrogance, they have no idea what they are up against. They will NEVER see us coming…
(With apologies to Edward Kennedy’s “Robert Bork’s America”. http://tinyurl.com/lxoyo5)

  1. Sofia Guerra says:

    Divine Providence once again shows me that God always has a plan. I have been ruminating for days about what I would write for toay’s post at AlwaysCatholicBlog. I have been so very sick I just couldnt particpate in any events today or even write for the blog.

    So I spent the day praying and resting. Sad that I couldnt write today, you DM’ me with his piece. I am so grateful because it is exactly the mood I want4d to convey but couldn’t.

    This is an outstanding piece and your thoughts are so close to my heart. Thank you for the perfect piece for this day…

    Ad majorem Dei gloriam,


  2. Sofia Guerra says:

    oops..sorry about the typos! Should be DM’d me with THIS piece not “his” !


  3. Sofia Guerra says:

    Jennifer, I will ALWAYS keep you in my prayers…you are truly courageous and a child of God. I have held the hand of many a friend years after their decisions. I personally could not write this piece but wanted to convey their thoughts. You have done it for me.

    Once again, I am most grateful,


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