2011 DC March For Life

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Pro Life

Time lapse video (1:31) of 2011 DC March For Life.

The largest rally ever ignored by the mainstream media.

  1. Tater says:

    No one cares. Why don’t you put some of this energy into taking caring of all of the unwanted babies.

    • You’re wrong. The latest polls show that the majority of Americans DO care and support the prolife movement. Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over this country, run by Christian prolife supporters, put a lot of love, energy, and prayer into taking care of what you refer to as ‘unwanted’ babies. We also care very deeply about the harm being done to women as a result of abortion. It’s not just about babies. It’s about the mothers and the fathers, too.

  2. Fader says:

    Seriously. Since everyone is so concerned about precious life, what about all of the unwanted children who waste away in institutions? Do you care about homeless people who are unable to care for themselves because they were ruined by society? Or do you just care about unborn life? I think we should take care of the living people first before trying to protect every zygote that is conceived.

    • Would you mind supplying some references concerning “all of the unwanted children who waste away in institutions”? If so, perhaps I can supply an answer as to what Christian ministries around the country are doing to help. As for the homeless, Christian ministries all over the country volunteer countless hours and supply food, clothing, shelter for them. I would disagree that most of them are “unable to care for themselves because they were ruined by society”. There is always an element of personal responsibility. The prolife movement cares about all life, from conception to natural death. (What have you done lately about the above problems?)

  3. John Christian says:

    Please explain what “unwanted babies” are? Other than a gift from God!

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