A Challenge to Pro-Choice Conservatives

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Pro Life

Most Progressives are vitriolic in their support of a “woman’s right to choose”. That’s understandable. I do not write to them. I write today to what I call the ‘fence-sitters’, the conservatives who say that they are personally opposed to abortion but believe that it is up to a woman and her doctor. I submit that this is a cowardly stance to take. President Obama, the most radically pro-abortion President in history, says as much.

Pro-choice arguments always center around women’s rights. They claim that abortion is safe, that there are no lasting emotional scars. I issue a challenge: ask a woman who had an abortion years ago and now suffers the emotional/spiritual consequences of that ‘choice’ some questions.

Ask her if she wanted the baby’s father to man up and tell her he supported her and the baby he helped to create. Ask her if she hoped against hope that he would show up and carry her out of there. Ask her if her parents were more concerned about what people would think than about their daughter and grandchild.

Ask her if she got accurate medical information. Ask her if she was seriously offered another option. Ask her if, as she lay on that cold table, with doctors and nurses joking about where they were going to lunch, she wanted to scream and run away. Then ask her if she felt like she had anywhere to go. Ask her if she has regretted that choice every single day of her life. Ask her if she thinks about what her child would look like, what he or she would have grown up to be.

You’ll get different answers, because the initial reaction is relief. A crisis is over, a problem is solved. A woman is told that now she can go on with her life. But her life has been forever changed, and eventually that ‘choice’ will surface from the depths of her heart, from that place where she shoves it tightly down and slams the door.

It may surface as nightmares, depression, panic attacks, substance abuse, relational issues, or any number of other symptoms that mirror PTSD. Secular mental health providers are quick to discount a woman’s suggestion that a prior abortion is affecting her, if she is brave enough to even admit that she has had one. The American Psychiatric Association doesn’t even have the word ‘abortion’ in the index of the latest addition of the DSM-IV-TR, the ‘bible’ used to diagnose mental health issues and that providers use it to obtain codes to file for reimbursement. This stinks of politics and the strength of the pro-abortion industry.

So, if you believe abortion is a safe, harmless alternative to carrying an unplanned pregnancy to term, if you are ‘personally opposed’ but not brave enough to stand up for the truth, then I dare you. Find a women who has come to the place where she can admit that she had an abortion, and ask her. Ask me.

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