School Shooting in Tennessee That National Media Did Not Report

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Gun Control, Politics

The following incident happened at a high school only minutes from my home in East Tennessee. I am sure that no one outside of our immediate region has ever heard the story, because the only person who was shot-and killed-was the gunman. These types of stories don’t fit the narrative of those who want “gun-free zones” and so are ignored by the national media. In this case an armed Security Resource Officer, Carolyn Gudger, became a local hero and saved an unknown number of lives by holding the gunman at bay until backup arrived. The text below is drawn from a local news website, The story is not viewable on mobile devices, probably because it is so old. If you wish to view it on your PC, here is the link:

Security Resource Officer Carolyn Gudger

Security Resource Officer Carolyn Gudger

Gunman killed at Sullivan Central

“On Monday morning, August 30, 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan loaded 13 bullets into two handguns, left his German shepherd chained to the fence and drove eight miles from his home in Kingsport to Sullivan Central High School. Whatever his mission, it was the 62-year-old Vietnam veteran’s final drive. For about an hour, Cowan’s armed invasion spread panic throughout the school before a burst of officers’ gunfire brought him down. No others were injured.

No one knows why Cowan pointed his Honda in the direction of the Blountville, Tenn., high school, where his brother is a janitor. He is described – in court records and interviews – as a peculiar man with a history of erratic, sometimes criminal, behavior and a deep suspicion of the government. He parked his car Monday morning in a handicapped space just in front of the school’s main entrance. Second period was just getting under way at 9:10 a.m. when Ashley Thacker, a junior, arrived at the main entrance of her high school. Thacker, 16, had been at a doctor’s appointment and was on her way to a music theory class as she approached the locked doors.

She noticed a man standing in the 10-foot waiting area between the two sets of doors, waiting to be buzzed in. His bald crown was framed with brown hair. He had a mustache, she remembered, and he was holding a cane. He told her to go on ahead of him. But she never made it through the doors. Instead, Melanie Riden, principal of Sullivan Central, came striding through the locked doors. “He pulled out his gun and started pointing it at people,” Thacker said. Cowan trained a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol at Riden’s face, said Sullivan County Sheriff Wayne Anderson.

Carolyn Gudger, the school resource officer, drew her gun, then shielded the principal’s body with her own.

Thacker remembers Cowan shouting something – possibly including the words “10 years” – but she isn’t sure. She turned and ran out the set of public doors to the mulch pile in the front of the school, and hid behind bushes. “He might shoot someone,” Thacker remembered thinking. “I just wanted to get out of there.”

Riden fled and Gudger inched back into the school, leading Cowan through the scattered pastel chairs in the empty cafeteria. It was a tactical move, meant to lure the gunman into a more contained place, Anderson said. Sullivan County dispatch sent out a chilling alert: “Man with a gun at Central High School.”

Gudger told him to drop his weapon; he demanded she drop hers. Once, he tried, unsuccessfully, to lunge for her gun. Cowan repeated one thing only, Anderson said. That he wanted to pull the fire alarms. “I don’t know why, we can only speculate about that and I think everyone will speculate why he wanted to pull a fire alarm,” Anderson said. “Either to get the kids out of class or, I don’t know. We don’t know.”

Flattened against the bushes, Ashley Thacker waited two minutes, she thinks. “I didn’t hear anything else, so I thought Officer Gudger had arrested him.” She was wrong. As she approached the school, two assistant principals opened a window and yelled at her to run away. Crying and shaking, Thacker ran to her car and drove a half-mile to her parents’ business.

 The view from the classroom

At about 9:15 a.m., a shaken voice came over the intercom. “Code red. Lockdown.” There was profanity in the background. This was no drill, students realized. With the announcement, teachers sprang into action – locking doors and papering over windows, turning off the lights and closing window blinds. Students huddled in the corners of classrooms, sitting in the darkness and searching for information with a storm of text messages.

Casey Deel, a 17-year-old senior, was on his way to a doctor’s office when his girlfriend, Alicia Edwards, sent him a text at 9:15 a.m. “There’s a code red lock down. im scared,” the 16-year-old junior texted from her government class. “r u serious?” Deel texted back. He skipped his appointment. In Kayla Nichols’ cosmetology class, students squeezed into a storage room the size of a parking space, and locked the door, the 17-year-old said. Ryan Kendrick was in algebra class, just off the main office. The 17-year-old senior thought he heard the gunman making threats – about not leaving the building alive and taking others with him – and Gudger urging him to calm down.

Then he heard a volley of gunshots. Kendrick and his friend, Andrew Ray, began to pray. Landon Sillyman was in his honors biology class, where the teacher had instructed students to put their heads on their desks in the darkened classroom. The 14-year-old freshman estimated the suspense lasted about an hour. But it was all over in minutes, Anderson estimated.

One hundred and twenty seconds after Cowan drew his gun, two deputies, Lt. Steve Williams and Sam Matney, arrived. They entered through separate doors and met Cowan and Gudger – still in a moving standoff – as they reached a science pod behind the cafeteria. Cowan wavered; he jerked his gun from Gudger to the other deputies then back again. The three officers told him, again, to drop his weapon. He wouldn’t. So they opened fire. Some students counted five shots, others counted six. Anderson would not say how many rounds hit the gunman.

Cowan fell to the ground, his shoes just feet from door to the library full of teenagers. The pistol in his hand had seven bullets in the magazine and another in the chamber. He had a second handgun in his back pocket, loaded with five rounds. “That’s how close he was,” Anderson said. “We all know this could have been much more dangerous.”

Yes, it could have been much worse. It could have been another national headline about multiple deaths, sparking a national outcry for stricter gun laws. But it wasn’t. Why? Because the good people of Tennessee have enough sense to place armed officers inside of our schools to protect our children.

    • Deron McMichael says:

      Outstanding, just outstanding!

    • Jodi Hanson says:

      Great job on the schools officer for keeping her head about her, we need more people like her in our schools to protect our children, grand children and the educators..Good job

    • Its not really about the guns. Its about PEOPLE–you have to change the hearts and minds of people. When we said you could not teach about God and right and wrong on God’s terms in public school, we set the stage for this. Did you notice that kids started praying during the Tenessee ordeal? We always turn back to the why questions and the recrimination of others when each of us really need to look inward and make changes. Meanwhile, the gun debate will rage, because we live in a world that must respond to the evil in the hearts of people. I am glad for the officer’s training and response. I am proud of her and the others who answered the call. But I also know that you are not the same after you have been forced to take a life, no matter how necessary it was, and I am saying that it was. We have come to this because we have turned away from God, and we all need to turn back.

      • Turner says:

        Its not about guns? Did you read the story? Stop being so closed minded. This situation ends up the same as the other school shooting if it was a Gun Free Zone.

      • Ian says:

        Ditto.. how is this NOT about guns?!?!? idk what you are smoking… but pull your head out. guns in good peoples hands save lives.

      • tabs says:

        Sorry so late but had to say something.

        Its never about guns with you types- it always goes to the “religion in school” topic. You said…
        “Did you notice the kids started praying during the ..ordeal”

        First off the praying did NOT disarm the man or take the danger away. The officer with the GUN did. So really my comment could end here because your statement is moot but…
        Shocker!.. people who have been praying for their whole life started praying when they we terrified. What else should they do? What is your point here exactly? Are you proposing and assuming that school shootings will
        stop if we bring god back to school?
        This has nothing to do with religion-the shooter in this case was 62 yrs old. God was a big part of education, culture, and tradition during his years.
        And he still had “evil in his heart” as you say. In reality the man was a paranoid veteran with characteristics of dementia and/or ptsd like many vietnam vets. Hate to be so blunt but god dont fix crazy. God doesnt stop crazy. And god does not disarm a man who is threatening teens/kids. If he did he would have stoped the shooter at newton.

        Teaching about god in school is never going to happen again because it is optional. “To each their own” is the best way to sum up right to religion. God is meant to be taught at church and home. There are many religions, and many have their own god. There is no way to define which is the right one. You’ll say your god is the right one because you believe that. But that is the issue… what you “believe” is simply belief. Its faith that what you think is true MAY be true. We dont know!

        The problem with your and others mindset of “bring god back and all will be right” is that knowing, believing, and praying to god does not stop tragedy. It doesnt prevent massacres. In fact many major massacres are in the name of some higher power. Some religious nut thinking they are acting in their gods name.

        I dont know why people think that believing or knowing god is the only way to know right from wrong. I do not think there is a god but thats ok. I dont need god for morals and ethics. My morals are a stronger part of myself than my christian family members. I truely believe that is because my morals are my own while their morals are from gods rulebook. Im a person that is good to the core while many of them are good to the religion. I dont live a life of good in order to make it to a better place. I live to make my life the better place. People do not need god to be good. In fact most agnostics and atheists are law abiding, faithful, down to earth people. While many of the worse criminals ever where believers of god. This is not to say that non-believers are better than believers: just that we dont need god, the bible, church, or faith to be good people. We are a very logical group of people so faith is not a part of our life. We need tangible evidence because with out proof we cant believe. Trying to make us is futile because we need to see it to believe it. I would love to blindfully believe in something but cant. And I truely hope there is a higher power that created all of this.
        I also like to point out that its ok that we dont believe the same. Id like to believe if god is real that he made people like me for a reason – maybe to improve the faith of people like you by keeping the subject alive with continuous debate. I also like to think that IF he is there people like me wont have a front seat ride to hell because i lived right and good without intent of afterlife. Vs others who did believe but said screw it.

        Sorry to push so far out of the subject here but Im so sick of people thinking god is the all fix to everything. Bad sh!t happens to good people and god doesnt stop it so quit trying to bring it back to school. Teaching my son about your gods will not stop a 62 year old man from shooting kids. It will not treat mental disorder.

        School is for education. Religion is not education. Religion is belief and faith. Education is fact. Religion is for church and family to teach. Not teachers. Get over it already people.

      • Jen says:

        This story is not about kids praying or religion in school. It is about the fact that an armed officer stopped what could have been another massacre. It is about the fact that gun-free zones get people killed. Why is that “you people” pull out one sentence that mentions prayer and go on a rant about it? What are you threatened by? Grow up and learn to read.

    • Lawrence Wilkinson says:

      HOOOYAH officer…HOOOOYAH….We need more good officers, volunteers, and prepared individuals like you.

    • NYCTim says:

      The incident happened “only minutes” from her home and it took her three YEARS to write about it? But she blames thew media? HUH???

  1. ROBIN says:

    If someone in that connecticut school had a hand gun and was trained to use it one shot and that little wussy boy Adam Lanza would have turned the gun on himself and we would have a lot less funerals.Ask your self why did he pick a school, because maximum news coverage and no one is armed. HE did not walk into a gun store or a police station. THESE crazy people have one thing in common – to die and be remembered.He could have walked into a nursing home but the purpose was outrage and he got it.

    • Fran Farquier says:

      Robin, if you listened to the news…he picked that school because that is where his mother worked. She is the one who bought the guns for him knowing he was a disturbed kid. What mother helps her son to a gun, knowing he is so disturbed. I wish he wouldn’t have killed himself…that way he could suffer in prison with the murders who DO NOT like people who hurt kids…that’s right…they may kill or be drug dealers, but they do not like people who harm kids. He took the chicken way out.

      • Clyde says:

        There is NO connection between Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook School. His mother did not work there. That was early, erroneous reporting. Mother also bought the guns for herself and it has been established that she went shooting at gun ranges around her community.

      • Jill says:

        Fran, in defense of Lanza’s mother, who is dead and can not defend herself, did not buy guns for him or give them to him. Those were her guns. He tried to buy his own guns and was denied the purchase. Though your statement is incorrect, I will say that she could have done a better job in locking up the guns. Do not make statements like that unless they are true. People who read it and do not know all the information, will pick that up and believe she actually gave him the guns and it is simply not true…

      • joe says:

        Fran if you pay attention to the media, which can be tough at times, you would know that statement was later retracted, she did not work for the school! looks like you got lost in the hundreds of diff versions that were given that day and never followed up on it or you would no by know that officials at the school said she never worked there!

      • The White House’s Connecticut Pharmaceutical & Narcotic Nightmare * Posted by Henry Massingale on January 13, 2013 at 6:33am in To Save America’s Children * Back to To Save America’s Children Discussions We are going back in time, to show you a truth, within Occam’s Razor / Phase 1. A History Lesson, that I do assure that this Obama Administration, does not wish for you to know.  Showing results for pharmaceutical narcotics is blamed for mental illness  Pharmaceutical Narcotics is being linked to the causes of mental Illness. In other words that somehow through Mom and Dad, use of Narcotics, more so linked to Pharmaceutical Heroin, that children are being born addicts, and or mentally disturbed. The argument is it is dangerous to prescribe Narcotics to the creation of what  the same drug did to the same people effected in the first place….  One causes and effect is the human body can not produce its own protection against even the common cold. Pharmaceutical Narcotics is linked to Cancer, in men and women…  Government Experimentation  with Pharmaceutical Narcotics and more…  Some people say that our own Government Used the Population of America, as a testing ground to make us more control-able. I have not as of yet found any supporting or creditable information in such. But i do know that over 100,000 children were given narcotics with out mom and dad’s knowledge. Google Showing results for pharmaceutical narcotics a government experimentgone bad Marine Corporal Andrew White was prescribed 19 drugs in less than one year  A History Listen of our Serial Killers and Drugs Use in The USA.  The following people are linked to Narcotics use, and are being shown as serial Killers.  Because of the fact if they were not stopped they would kill again. The  scary part of our share, is the fact, The There Will Be More Killing because of narcotics, and all these New Gun Laws will do is nothing until this Drug Epidas a virus., and people see a Present and Clear Danger.

      • Jen says:

        I deleted most of this rambling comment. I haven’t approved the several previous ones you have posted. I am a Professional Counselor; I have worked with people who struggle with addiction. My own son has fought a long, hard battle with opiate addiction (see my post “Lost Fatherhood-the Fallout from a Woman’s Right to Choose”). I see no credibility in any of this, and only posted it so I could reply. I won’t approve further comments, so please don’t waste your time.

  2. Gordon says:

    Robin, you nailed it!! Adding to that, the media treats them like rock stars. This only adds to their warped incentives. They go looking for trouble thinking ” People are going to remember me”. They don’t bother to think they will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. I honestly believe we would see less of this type of thing if the media did not play it up so much. Copy cats would have nothing to copy.

    • Carol says:

      It reminds me of an episode of NCIS where a gunman had been on a killing rampage, and when he was finally located holding another victim hostage, he told them people would remember him. When the news report was on TV, they showed a profile with a big question mark in it and said the perpetrator was not identified. If we did that when these things DO happen, I believe it would send a message after a while.

      • Jen says:

        Totally agree. The media coverage of these things drags on for weeks, but when it works out the other way, *crickets*.

      • Reid says:

        Not show any disrespect but this, is part of the problem with America. Things that are portrayed in film and TV are not real. Your daily lives real and not the other way around. Crime scenes on TV are wrapped up in 5 to 7 minutes tops. In real life it takes hours to process a crime scene, if not a couple of days. Todays youth, before the age of 21 has seen anywhere from 18,000 to 23,000 violent deaths enacted on TV and at the movie screens. That’s a lot of programming and desensitization to violence to youth of this country. This mindset has got change.

      • Karen says:

        YES! No names… just a question mark with a blabk face! Watched that episode just recently and thought that very thing!

        Everyone should be armed, if they choose and are background checked, and THAT is the only way things will improve. We should also be training our kids to be safe with firearms, and all teenagers should have to serve their communities and country during their senior year of highschool, or atleast the summer just after graduation. Our country would turn around in less than 1 full year of implementation of this. Teach competence and service, not fear!

    • CloudWalker says:

      I have grand children in Kindergarten and did not listen to a word of this horror ~ it was just too close to home for me. I sent love and many prayers to the families and all concerned but would not listen or even read on the computer, any of the details. I would not listen to any of the glamorizing of the gunman in Conn. I did not want to know ANY of his past dramas in his personal life.
      I stand firmly behind the Security Officer that saved countless lives at this school in Tennessee. Maybe more schools should hear of this and help protect our children in their communities.

      • julian says:

        so media coverage dragging on for weeks??? this happened over 2 years ago!! we didnt hear about it so there was no WEEKS long of media coverage… quit being a bunch on hypocrites with a pro gun agenda. nobody was hurt because of the amount of time it took for the gunman to get in the school, lets push for more locked doors and buzzed entrances at all schools before we jump to Armed guards at every school in america!!! see how many school shootings we have then.

      • Jen says:

        I believe the “weeks long media coverage” refers to the stories about mass killings. The ones where the gunman is stopped receive little to no coverage. They had locked doors and a buzz-in system at Sandy Hook. That worked out well, didn’t it? Armed guards at schools may indeed result in some school shootings but I’m betting it won’t be the kids who die, it will be the nuts who try to kill them.

      • Julian: How do we deal with the risk of fires in school? That’s right, with alarms and fire extinguishers.

        How do you deal with a shooter? That’s right, with alarms and guns. (And before you argue, I’m retired military, so this is my field of study, not yours).

        As we see, when someone shows up to commit violence, the police are going to respond, with guns. We get to choose if they respond in 10 minutes, or 10 seconds. Take your time.

      • TA2DME says:

        Julian – buzzed entrances ARE a wise idea, but how often do they check ID’s at those buzzed entrances? Do they have photos of all parents to compare to before they allow someone in? Or how about other parents or students going into or coming out of the building? I have 2 daughters and I’ve had the “buzzed door” held for me more than once so I didn’t even have to ring the office to get in. My children have also attended schools in various states because we are a prior military family – so I have seen this minimal “security” measure is in place across the nation. My oldest daughter’s high school had NO type of restricted entrance (she graduated in 2011). This, unfortunately, shoots down your theory that simply adding a screening system or extra set of doors would solve all problems of gun violence.
        Additionally, I find many of those who are so vocal against armed guards at schools are simply uninformed about guns and might be well advised to begin educating themselves on how guns work seeing as how they do not and cannot walk around shooting on their own. There is always someone behind the gun wielding it at their designated targets. We DO have many responsible gun owners across this great nation. I fear it will take a tragedy or near tragedy in the lives of so many anti gun constituents for them to realize had they had a a gun or someone nearby that was carrying and willing to step in to assume control of the situation until police arrived, things would not have been dubbed a tragedy.
        Finally, I believe all school should remove their “gun free zone” signage, thus leaving would-be-shooters questioning just who lies beyond those doors and whether they’ll be able to accomplish their agenda or if they’ll be the ones becoming the agenda.

      • dan says:

        Julian, the Sandy Hook school had (recently installed) locked doors and buzzers. The f***** shot through the doors to get in (although the same could have been accomplished with a vehicle)…what the school did NOT have was an armed person there. It took police 10 minutes before they were able to come into contact with the gunman…at that point he saw/heard them coming and killed himself…I dont know about you but I’d rather have help 10 seconds away over 10 minutes

  3. This is the first time I’ve been to your site. Thnx for posting more details.

  4. The sociallist media does not want us to see any thing that is progun.They want us all to b changed so when they get ready to take over the U.S, there well b fewer guns to get out of the VETERANS hands because there r people that firmly believe this is the way we r headed.

    • Hunter says:

      You did read the article, it was a veteran who walked into that building intent on killing people.

    • Ken says:

      Hunter, Does this statement mean all veterans should be gun free? I servered and went overseas 4 times, so does that mean that I should not be allowed to have a weapon? The answer is not to target veterans, but to target those who are mentally incapable of making the right decisions regarding guns

    • no sensible socialist would set foot in your country – we can watch the demise of a once great country on our tv. It is one large gun slinging reality show ! Why create another generation of paranoid children by arming teachers ?? Plain crazy.

      • Jen says:

        Who said anything about arming teachers? And we have plenty of our own socialists now, thanks. They are responsible for “the demise of a once great country”.

      • Thanks. The less socialists we have here, the better. Now, which socialist nation are you from? One whose ass we kicked, or one whose ass we saved?

        Either way, my bet is that if you look at Leyden University’s International Crime Victim’s Survey, your nation is more violent than the US. That would include England and Wales in 1st place, Canada and Australia in the top 5, most of Scandinavia in the top 20, while Mexico falls at 18th place, the US at 24th and vaunted Japan at 30th.

        We have a third of a billion people and a free press. You hear about dozens of incidents out of hundreds of millions of non-incidents.


  6. lee trumbull says:

    Why won’t these no minded idiots that believe in and vote for gun free zones take responsibility for what they are causing across our nation.

    • Robert W. Johnson says:

      Well said Lee.

    • Fran Farquier says:

      Gun free zones do not kill people. We need stricter gun laws. If you live in a foreign country, like Japan, you do not hear of this crap, nor shootings in movie theatres, or malls. We should learn a lesson from Japan and other foreign countries. 85% of killings with guns are in the USA not any other country. Stricter laws would maybe make a person toting a gun to think twice. Now if you kill someone, you get your hand slapped, and go to a prison for 25-30 years. You get to watch TV in prison, exercise, and eat…you can do all of this after you killed people, because you have a defense attorney who gets you off. Go to Japan and pull out a guy….you will never be seen again.

      • Jill says:

        Fran, seriously? Do you really think those people who want to hurt others are going to think about how the gun laws have changed and rethink their stance on killing? That is absurd. These killers want to be noticed, remembered and plan to die along with their victims. Also, where did you get this 85% statistic? I’d really like to know your source…

      • Ian says:

        I was unaware that there were more people dying in america than the unarmed people in africa…. IntErEstinggg……. So either you are trolling, or stupid.

      • Tabby says:

        I know I am very late here but came across this in my search about school’s not taking measure since newton massacre.

        I truely hope “Fran Farquier” comes back to this site. I would like to put my 2 cents in on her comment. Please take a moment to read the information on the following attacks/massacres that happened in Japan.

        The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Japan:

        Akihabara massacre June 8, 2008
        Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 7 dead 10 injured

        Osaka school massacre June 8, 2001 Ikeda,
        Osaka 8 dead 15 injured

        Tsuyama massacre May 21, 1938 Tsuyama,
        Okayama 30 dead.

        All of these attacks are what fran believes is the smart way or the way we should follow. All of the attacks were carried out by a single attacker and non of them used guns. There
        was a man with a knife and his truck at an
        electronics shop who killed 7 and injured 10. Next was a man with a kitchen knife and he killed 8 and injured 15. Last was a man with an axe and knife and he killed 30.

        My point here… How many lives wouldve been saved in japan if a law abiding citizen had their concealed weapons permit was in anyone of these crowds? A gun in these 3 individuals knife rampages could have put the attackers on the ground while the
        shoppers, citizens, and students got to walk away. And I can surely bet that if Fran or anyone with her mindset was in or had loved ones in this situation she would very much
        love to have little ole me and my legal/
        permitted 22 pistol take the attacker out before he killed her, her child, grandchild, friend, etc! Bank on it.

        Fran was correct that gun free zones dont kill
        people. People who plan attacks as this are
        using gun free zones to ensure they can do
        the most damage before being stopped (in
        my opinion). But what people like fran need
        to realize is people are crazy and a gun isnt
        their only means of mass attacks.

        People will continue to do horrible things. We dont need to try and prevent them by unarming ourselves because it wont work. Taking our protection away will make their evil more appealing, easier to carry out, and allow many more deaths and injuries. We need to focus on maintaining security. We need preparation and skills to take these people out. We need more measures to keep our children safe at school. Mostly we need to stop beating a dead horse with these crybabies about guns and realize that the people who legally have them are the ones who will likely save the wimpy lil b*+¢hes lives when they are being attacked by a psycho who got his gun on the black market.

        People kill people with weapons. A knife doesnt jab into someone, a bomb doesnt set itself off, and a gun doesnt fire without being loaded and the trigger being pulled.

        Rant over!

  7. […] The lame stream media maggots pick and choose their news stories. They do today, they did in the past, and these slime weasels will in the future. They are no different than the elite puppets in government. They have their agenda. That agenda is simple. The media controls what you see, what you hear and thus can control your mind. They have become an extention of the government. -Greg McClain Talk show host READ […]

  8. Robert W. Johnson says:

    Put his worthless body in a septic tank in front of the school with a toilet over it and others would think twice about wanting to be famous.

  9. steve says:

    Lots of schools have armed officers, it depends on whether the state funds it. We had one in the 70’s, every school in the district had them and this was in suburbia.

    • It seems that funding armed officers in every public school is a worthwhile goal. I know that I am more at ease knowing that my son’s high school has an armed and trained SRO. As a matter of fact, Officer Gudger now protects his school, Sullivan East.

      • Everyone talks about cost. I have seen 5 Billion Dollars and then 10 Billion Dollars. The money could come from the 39 Billion Dollars in Foreign Aid to many countries that hate us anyway. Our Children are certainly more important than arming the muslim brotherhood or Pakistan. We give money to Russia for goodness sake. Wake up people, this is part of a plan to disarm the cash cows.

    • MyTwoCents says:

      The issue of funding for armed SROs isn’t an issue. 1. Most SROs are in high schools and some high risk middle schools. One wouldn’t expect the need for armed officers are elementary schools.

      2. Having already vetted concealed carry holders from being allowed to carry in schools would go a long way. Since 1950, ALL public massacres with at least three deaths have occurred in gun free zones (with the exception of Congresswoman Gifford).

      Think like a criminal for once. If you were a criminal, where would you rather commit a crime: in a place where it is illegal to have a gun or where you don’t know if someone has a gun or not?

  10. sonja harrison says:

    actually this story, while not covered as it should have been at the time it occurred was a featured story on the fox network show America’s Most Wanted with Officer Carolyn Gudger nominated for the First Responder Award. all the parents, staff and students of Sullivan Central High will forever consider her our hero, she exerted her self-control and professional training and without her that day our community would have suffered a huge tragedy.

    • I was not aware of that; thanks for the info. I do think, in light of current conversations concerning gun control and particularly how best to protect our children in school, that it should be revisited. I am sincerely hoping that someone with a national audience will pick it up.

  11. Simply Deb says:

    I think we should reopen the Mental Institutions, for the dangerous ppl. we know are out there. 1) don’t take you eyes off him for one minute. 2)he told me things I can’t repeat. It was Dr./patient stuff. He said things, we just didn’t think he was serious. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE?????!!! Those are just some of the things that were said after the masacares that should have been looked at & maybe the person(s) put into an institution. For their safety as well as our! I AM SO SICK OF HEARING THAT THERE WERE WARNING SIGNS THAT WERE IGNORED! wake up ppl look around & make a move, when you see or hear anything at all.

  12. Dallas Slemp says:

    Thank you officer Gudger, you placed yourself in the direct line of fire to protect both students and staff. You and the other two deputies should be given a medal of honor! Thank you for taking the quick action to subdue this idiot who’s intent that day was death!

    • I knew this was out there; didn’t think some of the comments were fair to Officer Gudger. She saved lives that day, beyond a shadow of a doubt. She’s a hero in my book!

  13. PatriotUSA says:

    Found you via twitter and added ya to me blogroll. Love what ya have here.

  14. wes beckham says:

    My salute to you Officer Gudger!

  15. For the record, what Officer Gudger did was incredibly dangerous: she had a gun, yet she allowed an armed suspect to enter the building and engage her in an “moving standoff.” It is only on TV that cops always give warnings to armed suspects. At any time he could have shot her, taken her gun, then proceeded to kill as many people as he could. If a child at that school had been killed with her weapon, few people would be calling her a hero.

    An experienced, well-trained law enforcement officer would know better than to attempt to negotiate with an armed suspect under such conditions, especially with someone who is attacking a school. Such a person should be stopped IMMEDIATELY and BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Officer Gudger was not so much a hero as she was lucky — damned lucky.

    But I get the point of the story.

    • I suppose he could have “taken her gun, then proceeded to kill as many people as he could” and also that “if a child at that school had been killed with her weapon, few people would be calling her a hero”. However, that’s not what happened is it? To say she isn’t a hero is a stretch. If she hadn’t been there, no one would have stopped him. She risked her life for those kids.

    • Lina says:

      Officer Gudger didn’t let the man in the school, the principal is the one who opened the door to let him in. Yes, what she did was dangerous, but how brave would you be if someone pointed a gun at your face? Officer Gudger protected the principal and the students of Central. She didn’t cower or run….she faced the gunman with courage that most of us would just like to have a teaspoon of. Every school in the nation needs someone like Officer Gudger!

    • Queena Knox says:

      Well catherine! I just loooove sideline quarterbacks! Bet you couldve done a better job than Saban and AJ last night too huh? It always looks so easy from the “stands!” Go do some laundry and watch your soap!

  16. Jamie says:

    Reblogged this on It's all about life and commented:
    Found this interesting, thought to share..

  17. Lisa says:

    “Because the good people of Tennessee have enough sense to place armed officers inside of our schools to protect our children.”

    That shot was way too far below the belt.

    • I meant no offense to anyone, and I’m sorry if you took it that way. I do think it is sensible and I am thankful that there is an officer in my son’s high school.

    • TFish says:

      I live in the area of the school in this article and what the author failed to research and report is only the high schools in Sullivan County, TN have SRO’s who split their time between schools. Our Sheriff, Wayne Anderson has begged and pleaded for more funding to provide SRO’s to all county school to no avail. The week following the Sandy Hook tragedy my son’s elementary school plus the middle school and high school were on complete lockdown with police officers on site due to online references linking the shooting in CT to our school system. How many times do we need to ask why such a tragedy happened when a solution would be to have a full time SRO in every school. Not only would they be there to protect but like Hawkins County, which neighbors my county, pointed out it would be a great outreach program for the children.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you for pointing out that all TN schools are not armed. I didn’t intentionally mislead; I wrote this quickly and had no idea it would get so much attention. I will edit the post to reflect that error. I believe all schools should have armed officers on duty. Perhaps one day that will happen.

  18. cartouchedetoner says:

    very well said

  19. Oh my, Sandy Hook/Aurora-Government killings (planned)-

  20. The point of a mass school shooting is relation to the media is to cause a nationwide scare. No one wants to hear about a shooting that never happened. The media is all about influence. That is why this like many other shootings are not reported on. Unfortunately, human nature thrives on violence just as much as love. Therefore, if no one was hurt people could really care less.

    • TFish says:

      Sad but True. But the sad thing is we all say we want to protect our children but then we don’t fund the resources to do so and the media neglects to share these types of stories. BTW I live near the school and my son goes to the same school system. Only the high schools have SRO’s so TN definitely isn’t smart enough to arm our schools with officers like the author suggests.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you for pointing out that all TN schools are not armed. I didn’t intentionally mislead; I wrote this quickly and had no idea it would get so much attention. I will edit the post to reflect that error. I believe all schools should have armed officers on duty. Perhaps one day that will happen.

  21. […] friend of mine found and posted this story on his Facebook page. Hat tip to TN Smart Girl, who looks to be the nice lady to let us all know about this object lesson.  The short version: […]

  22. kate7777 says:

    You’re spot on. The liberal media will ignore news that won’t fit their agenda but will promote or even lie about a case that they thought will enhance their liberal template.

  23. Sanch says:

    Just of of curiosity, were the handguns the gunman had legally owned?

    • Jen says:

      That’s a good question and honestly, I don’t know the answer. I’m not sure that information is anywhere to be found, but I will try. Thanks for reading.

  24. Kelly says:

    Love this. Thanks for sharing. Inspiring.

  25. Ratimus says:

    Actually if they would of arrested Lanza 3 days prior for trying to purchase a rifle (remember he was denied) when he knew it was illegal for him to try this would be a mute point . and your are 100% no doubt what so ever in my Mind if the principal guidance counselor or teacher had a hand gun they would of took his ass out

    • Jen says:

      I’m not sure it’s illegal to try to buy a gun; it would have been illegal for someone to sell it to him. In that way, the existing gun control laws worked. However, he still managed to find a way to do what he did. I don’t think more laws wouldn’t have stopped him-but an armed officer might very well have. Thanks for reading.

  26. Martha Williams says:

    This event happened in 2010, and it was reported. I remember reading about it in the newspaper here in Huntsville.…1372.4113.1.4649.…1c.1.GZCIGYrqLoY&psj=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1357316858,d.eWU&fp=d4dc1673e757a9f9&biw=1222&bih=626

    • Jen says:

      The post clearly says it happened in 2010. My point was that it did not get any significant national coverage. Perhaps if the media covered some of the many instances when tragedy is averted by someone using a firearm legally, people would think twice.

  27. Clay Cooper says:

    The real truth is, this isn’t about gun control or school safety. As one person put it, “It isn’t about guns; it is about killing and getting the media to make you a superstar #rtkba #Newtown”

    • Jen says:

      I think it’s about all of these issues. Media over-reporting mass shootings when they happen, media NOT reporting mass shooting attempts that are stopped, gun-free zones making schools easy targets, and politicians who have armed security protecting themselves and their families using tragedies to further their agenda of regulating what the rest of us can do.

  28. […] Hmmm, never heard this story of a school shooting, in Tennessee. Maybe because it doesn’t fit the narrative? ViaTN Smart Girl […]

    • Dave says:


  29. Chris Knapp says:

    I believe this is so true, And congress don’t give a crap unless it is to take AWAY our rights, doing the right thing will NEVER get media, Billings MT just had an incident (check and the cop that killed the perp, is now under investigation, for SAVING HIS OWN LIFE. F@%K this, you see a creeper at your school, drop the skunk. Then toss away your gun, and say I saw and I heard nothing, if they persist, I WANT MY LAWYER. lets stop this. Screw these Bleeding heart liberals. I DARE YOU TO COME TO ANY SCHOOL IN MY TOWN. I will put you in the ground myself, and you will never know. oh, yeah, HEY MEDIA, don’t report the bad guys report the good guys

  30. C Mark says:

    I don’t live in the area. I heard about it. Your assertion that the story wasn’t reported through media is false.

  31. william says:

    Its people like her that make me proud to be a american we are not idiots we dont need governments protection we need people like this the government is already at the end of our rope and now they want our guns so we can be at the end of their rope i am not a religious man but i do believe we was created by something and i guess i could call it god “not aliens” and i hope that god rewards this woman for being the person she is

  32. Jaime Carpin says:

    I can’t stand the main stream media! They wont report a story unless it fits into their biased agenda.

  33. Greg Polk says:

    Way to go! No the news doesn’t show anything positive about guns! They only show what they feel the people wants to hear just like the anti-gun ones. Obama, Feinstein, and all the anti-gun nuts are in for a fight!

  34. Maybe the news would have reported on it if it was 2010 and it just happened. But it’s not.

    • Jen says:

      The point is that the national news did not report it in 2010. It was a local, or at best regional, story and that was the end of it. If childen had been killed, it would be part of the narrative right now along with Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook. It’s a blatant double standard. If we really want our kids safe, give them the same protection our politicians’ kids have: officers posted at school who are trained to use a firearm. And shout it from the rooftops that they are there so the crazies stay away!

    • Queena Knox says:

      MORON!! I suppose that’s why the media harps on Columbine and the Peducah and Senator Gabbie and so on and so on….they just happened last week!!!! Learn to read!!

  35. jsbrodhead says:

    There is something different between the actions of Cowan and of the shooters in CO and CT.

    I’m glad there was someone with the ability to impact the results – whatever Cowan’s intentions.

  36. Hydell says:

    This story didn’t make the national media either – it is not a school, but it is a public place nonetheless.

  37. Direwolf66 says:

    She is to be applauded for her actions. She tried to defuse the situation, but stood her ground. Leaving violence as a last resort. I wish I could thank her myself.

  38. Scotty says:

    If the school can’t afford to pay an armed officer there are plenty of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans that would be happy to volunteer there time to protect the kids at school

  39. John Henson says:

    Thank you, Officer Gudgel, for your bravery and swift action. You are to be commended and have the thanks of every citizen concerned with the safety of our children

  40. Sal says:

    This SRO is my hero.
    Bravo. We are forever in your debt, officer.

  41. Jordan says:

    Here is the honest truth, though. The shooter at Sullivan Central wasn’t armed with an automatic weapon or of the assault weapon variety. He was armed with a regular weapon. If he had such weapon no handgun would’ve stopped them. The idea that armed guards is the fix all is a flawed concept. The Ft. Hood shooting happened at a military base yet no one stopped him until plenty were hurt. Columbine had 2 armed guards and they had no effect. The fact is they were outgunned and would’ve died. I don’t mind the idea of at secondary schools but the notion they are going to protect elementary schools isn’t the fix you all want to think it is. Truth is the SRO will be sitting around doing nothing all day. At the Secondary schools, drugs and other illegal activities are more of a problem then just shooters. That gives the SRO’s more importance. I find it frustrating that people are just looking for bandaids rather than taking care of the real problem. I also find it frustrating the schools are willing to raise funds to pay for officers that honestly aren’t going to do anything, but won’t pay for the schools to have new materials, equipment, give their teachers a raise to keep their good teachers, or even more teachers to lower the class size that would allow schools to handle kids properly to help solve more pertinent issues in the classroom.

    • justin says:

      Bull I don’t care if he walked in with 20 assault rifles one shot to the head with a pistol when he walks in stops it regardless of his gun

      • ciscoheat says:

        Then why wasn’t the gunmen at Columbine stopped earlier? Jordan is right, this isn’t clear cut, but its not clear cut either way. In this case, it worked. In columbine, it didn’t. Taking away all the guns won’t solve the problem. Giving everyone guns won’t solve the problem. We need to stop thinking the answer will be simple. Its kind of like thinking that crazy diet where you can eat anything you want will make you lose weight. Its just not going to be that simple. This is way more complex. We should all realize that guns shouldn’t be totally illegal, but we should also be willing to look at what is needed and what isn’t. Should we have assault riffles? What about the extended clips? What about just enforcing the laws at gun shows? We need to talk about mental health, video games, and dare I say, parenting! The status qua isn’t working, that much we know.

      • Jen says:

        Agree; all those discussions need to take place. But while they do, let’s not keep giving away our freedom pice by piece to a government that is far too bloated and power-hungry (both parties).

    • Brandon says:

      Jordan please read the following information I believe you are little confused.

      #1) It is completely plausible to end a confrontation with a handgun when an attacker, criminal, psycho has a SEMI-AUTO rifle.(Feel free to look up the statistics on Fully automatic weapon usage in crimes, it is extremely low and also irrelevant to your argument being that one wasn’t used at Fort Hood, Columbine, Aurora, or Sandy Hook)
      If you choose your shots, are accurate, maintain proper cover, and out maneuver your assailant it doesn’t matter if they have a 10 round magazine or a 100 round magazine you will survive and they will perish.

      #2) This is a subject that irritates the hell out of me, using the Fort Hood shooting as a reference to how everyone having a gun does not stop a shooting spree. I was stationed on Fort Hood for five years during which time the shooting occurred. I would have loved to carry one of my pistols daily; however Fort Hood Regulation 190-11 does not allow you to carry a concealed weapon on the installation period. As for Unit’s assigned weapons they are locked up in an arms room with no ammo. There are MPs and Civilian LEOs on Fort Hood and they did respond quickly and put an end to the situation. So if your argument is that a bunch of Soldiers were running around with guns and just chose not to use them, you are extremely wrong. Also Nidal Hasan used a FN Five Sevens which is a semi auto handgun not a fully automatic weapon.

      • Greg Polk says:

        It is true he may not have had an assault rifle! But, he did have a firearm. Folks like myself and others can’t possess “assault” rifles because they are illegal. So-called assault rifles are the ones the military uses which has full auto capability. The AR15 are not full auto and are only versions of the M16A1 and M16A2 and others. Being ex-military I am trained with many different firearms and believe me theres a big difference.

  42. butch ayala says:

    scott…very bad idea..too much PTSD out there..dont need flashbacks in a firefight…..

  43. michael touart says:

    Thank you officer Gudger for doing what we do best as law enforcement officers, save lives, protect property and support protect and defend our citizens constitutional and civil rights. Job well done.

  44. a single working mother says:

    Like my teacher brother in law , says, “an armed society is a polite society”. Parents of minors who do these things should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because after something happens,it is a day late and a dollar short for crying over it. Every parent in this nation knows the minor’s household was troubled and his/her parents took no action when it would have mattered. Lock them up. Their greatest crime was against their own child. When adults are made responsible and pay for the consequences instead of the children, it will change the face of it. It will stop a lot of these no name/no pic individuals from acting out in such reprehensible ways. Ms. Gudger exercised far more restraint than I would have. I would have only asked him ONE time and then he’d be ready for the morgue if he refused. After all, he was an adult male, one request to stand down was all he deserved. As for the press, they don’t matter because all of us know what is really going on. They don’t need to be “news” since they regale reprehensible acts. In my state we have open carry.

  45. Queena Knox says:

    Too many idiots to individually respond! Officer did a great job and this needs to happen and be reported more! End of story!!

  46. brosnanfan says:

    Awesome. Thank God for Officer Gudger. I wish the schools in my state had as much sense.

  47. dano says:

    It WAS reported by national media, two plus years ago, but that fact doesn’t fit YOUR narrative, so ignore it. It took me less than a minute to fin the link, but don’t let facts get in the way…THe SRO is a hero, no doubt, but the main thrust of the article is that the media didn’t cover it- simply not true.

    • Jen says:

      That link is to a CNN Blog and according to the stats on the site, it was seen a grand total of 496 times. Wow. Can you find me a link to an actual news report, like a video for instance, on a NATIONAL main stream media outlet?? Good luck.

      No where do I say it was covered up; I said it was simply ignored. Big difference. But don’t let facts get in your way…

  48. Ric Amoroso says:

    Good job by the security officer on using good tactics and keeping the gunman from the kids.

  49. stopbeingparaniod says:

    It was reported by the news and papers. It didnt get the huge media hype cause no one died. Except for the POS. Its not that they didnt want to report it cause is shows armed security guards in schools is a good idea. Great jop by the Officer and Police.

    • Jen says:

      Maybe they should report it now, since the debate is heating up over how to keep kids safe. Like you said, “no one died. Except for the POS”. Seems to me like that would be the best possible outcome…

      • stopbeingparaniod says:

        Yeah….i agree. but the new media only reports fear and panic. Its not like they are hiding this cause of the gun debate in schools.

      • Jen says:

        I think they don’t know about it because it was 2 1/2 years ago. I’m hoping it gets picked up by someone because it’s an important side of the debate. There’s an armed SRO in my son’s high school and I am glad of it! It’s really sad that the media only take time to dwell on the massacres that happen and don’t say anything about the ones that are stopped.

  50. stopbeingparaniod says:

    face it….no one is saying armed guards is schools is a bad idea. Just regulate these 100 round clips. what the purpose?

    • Jen says:

      No one is saying it’s a bad idea? Really? How do you regulate 100 round clips? And what good would that do? Criminals don’t follow the law.

      • stopbeingparaniod says:

        Very true….they dont….Look at the firemen shooting in Greece, NY. Guy was a convicted felon for beating his grandmother to death with a hammer. Shot and killed two firemen with illegaly obtained firearms. But as an officer…If i pull someone over i can take their drugs….If I pull over a guy with a 100 round clip….I cant do anything about it.

  51. stopbeingparaniod says:

    i hate a state trooper…i hate the gun i carry. majority of officers killed are by their own guns….but i understand the need for them….and support people carrying concealed firearms. Until we install the fear of God back in people (which will never happen, unfortunately) the only way stop this insane terroristic behavior is perfectly described in the article above. Hire off duty police officers or military to walk the hallways of every school in the US. How much is it gonna cost….Hmm….ask the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy how much they would pay. If we can bail out the banks and auto industry only to allow them to fail the following year we can afford to protect our children.

  52. I think what the SRO did was amazing and not only brave but heroic. Right now i am trying to get more guards like that for schools (Gracie’s Protection on Facebook) but the guards would be Veterans who are trained not only to look for trouble but act in a split second. Absolutely amazing officer and she should be given an award for saving all those lives. Sadly nothing can change what happened at Sandy Hook, but we can change what could happen in the future. We should all make a stand. If you are interested look Gracie’s Protection up on facebook and see how we all can come together and get more guards in every school not just the “problem” areas. Sad to hear that a Vietnam Veteran passed like that. I absolutely adore Veterans but I can understand that it may have been triggered by something else. May God bless all in this averted tragedy and bless that Veteran too.

  53. Hunter says:

    I commend Officer Gudger’s action’s, I really do, but I don’t think every officer with a gun could behave as level headed. What should happen if the shooter is more determined to kill than the officer is able to protect. You would trust these people, armed people, with your children simply because it’s their job description is to protect, should one one of these armed strangers become the next Adam Lanza. As a high schooler I have to say I would not feel any safer with an armed stranger hovering over me. What if just one of these psychos managed to get one of these positions, just one psychopath, how would you feel then, knowing that you rooted for a policy that not only gave these people access to your children but placed a gun in their hands. I’m all for protecting children but I feel acting in haste and zeal could worsen matters.

    • Jen says:

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Are you saying that an armed guard might turn out to be a psychopath? They do undergo extensive background checks and psychological evaluations before they are even considered for the job. They are employed by the Sheriffs department. I suppose it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

  54. Larry M says:

    She is a true HERO!

  55. Thanks for sharing!!

  56. ciscoheat says:

    I’m not disputing that having guards with guns can prevent dangerous activities and this goes to show that. However, that isn’t always the case. The fact is, Columbine had an armed sheriff on site as well, but he was outgunned and in that situation, the gunmen fired back. If the gunmen had only handguns, maybe the sheriff could have overpowered them. Point is, maybe we need a bit of a compromise.

    As far as not making national news, well…millions of stories don’t make national news. Why? Because it wasn’t a tragedy. We are in love with tragedies so that sells. Its not a “liberal” agenda (otherwise, why wouldn’t Fox run it?) Its a greedy news wants money agenda. The national news is about the same as the tabloids now. So, although a good story, the political comments don’t offer me much either way other than to say we need to have a serious, non political conversation about what is going on.

    • Jen says:

      Good points.
      Re: Columbine-it happened in 1999 and I would argue that up until then, we as a country were totally unprepared for such atrocity. Things changed after Columbine. In that case, “two officers exchanged fire with one of the teenage gunmen just outside the school door, then stopped — as they had been trained to do — to wait for a specially trained elite police team. During the 45 minutes it took for the elite team to assemble and go in, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot 10 of the 13 people they killed that day.”
      Re: media coverage-completely agree that it’s all about sensationalism. But there is a definite, very obvious, left-leaning bias that exists in the national media. How can we have a serious non-political discussion about an issue (gun control) that is completely politicized at every opportunity by those in power who have the majority of the mainstream media onboard with their agenda? Millions of folks in this country are basically unaware of what is happening in this and many other areas of life. But they can tell you all about the Kardashians and other such nonsense. It’s sad.

    • Greg Polk says:

      Can’t speak for any other place. But the police officers need better equipmnet i.e. guns etc. so that they can match up with the criminals. Around here the officers only carry sidearms and that’s it. You cannot take a knife to a gunfight. That is plain and simple. When will they ever consider bringing the law officials up to level?

  57. Thomas Laird says:

    Yes the officer was brave and did her job .My only comment is that as soon as her gun was on target there should have been 3 immediate discharges .2 in the chest and 1 in the head of the person trying to enter the school with a gun.No questions ,no orders and no mercy.!

  58. Evey says:

    Outstanding job! An example why in school officers are a must.

  59. Shane Ross says:

    i wish every school had a woman (or man) as brave as this woman she stood between a mad man and children putting her self in harms way for their safety shes a hero in my opinion

  60. What a wonderful post!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  61. Jeff Flarity says:

    I say Good job officer. and thank you. probably saved many lives. this is the kind of thing the PotUS needs to show up and thank you personally for because you are a hero. May you never be forgotten.

  62. laurajean04 says:

    So frustrating how the media won’t report this- their responsibility is to inform us, not manipulate us!

    • Greg Polk says:

      That’s all the media does is try to manipulate the people and never really show the positive effects of guns. After all, take to guns away from the good people and the criminals will still have ways of getting theirs.

  63. newiee30 says:

    This is a major sucess story and should by all standards be known aware of!! That officer should be known as a hero for saving an entire school!!

  64. Don Esteban says:

    Carolyn Gudger DID HER JOB………………..Good on her.

    Thank God she was there that day and ARMED otherwise the “media” would have been all over this as…………………

    “The latest school murders”.

  65. Lisa Grayson says:

    Just amazing! This should be the example. True hero!

  66. […] -School Shooting in Tennessee That National Media Did Not Report […]

  67. RudolfSteinerscam says:

    uh, this did make national news…back in 2010 when it happened. maybe your headline should’ve read: “….wasn’t front page on every newspaper back in 2010…” or, “…other news was more important that particular day not to warrant this incident front page attention…”. you can spin anything into anything with the right propagandized internet article which will be spun again on facebook.

    our society does not benefit from these types of articles or biased opinions…make your point with facts and not twisted, facebook spread rumors

    • Jen says:

      It’s not a “facebook rumor”. I live here, it happened 5 miles from my home in the school district that my kids attend. Maybe it made a few papers, got any links? Got any links to ‘national news’? I posted it because it is relevent to the discussion of mass shootings in schools. By the way-your bias is showing…

  68. Chip Meeks says:

    I don’t know Carolyn Grudger, had not heard her name, and I’m proud of her! You Rock Lady!

  69. Traci says:

    She is truely a brave woman!! This is how it should be in all schools!! Our children deserve to be protected!! Not robbed of their lives while tryin to get an education!!

  70. djpostl says:

    I love all these conservatards bashing “liberals” on here as the politicians they elect are downsizing police forces with steep budget cuts (and bashing them as union members along the way).

    Get it through your thick skulls. The next school WON”T HAVE a resource officer because of the stuff your doing lol.

    • Jen says:

      Why do you guys always resort to childish name-calling and insults? Could you please supply some evidence to back up your claim that Conservatives are responsible for “downsizing police forces with steep budget cuts”?

  71. MJ says:

    Let’s recall that Columbine also had a school resource officer! It’s not the fix-all answer you’re seeking. Enabling people to get mental health treatment would be a much more effective and cost-beneficial way to use tax dollars.

  72. esarsea says:

    I sent a link to your post to a friend of mine, a retired career law enforcement officer. He sent this back via email:

    “These kind of things happen every day all over America. Every month the NRA’s National Rifleman Magazine publishes stories from around the US about armed citizens who have saved themselves or others from violent attack by the use of firearms.

    Funny how you never hear about this stuff in the “National News Media”. Kinda makes you wonder what is really going on and if they really do have some kind of agenda. I’m not much of conspiracy guy, but this lack of reporting the truth is even making me kinda nervous….. Makes me look really close at how Hitler, Mao, Lenin/Stalin, etc. were real big on Gun Control for there citizens. And how great it worked out for those freedom lovin’ folks in Germany, China, & Russia after their leaders
    took their firearms.

    Maybe I’m just getting paranoid like most other firearms owners in the US. I just hope this all just calms down and cooler heads prevail…”

    • Jen says:

      Thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that there is an agenda. “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him” (Robert A. Heinlein)… or to force a man/woman to give up their 2nd ammendment rights in the name of ‘safety’.

  73. I’m an ex-resource officer here in Tn. and i commend you on a J.O.B. well done!!! !!! !!!

  74. caine montana says:

    Good job officer gudger

    • Trish says:

      Great job and thanks for sharing. Last week a mother of 2 children near our home protected herself and her children when a man broke in her front door with a crow bar intent on stealing and came after them hiding in a closet. She shot him 5 times with her hand gun. The sixth bulletin missed him. She was on cell phone with husband who was on phone with 911 as this terror all played out. Without the gun to protect herself what could have happened? Same day another break in reported in town close to us where 54 year old woman home owner was shot by the intruder. She did not have a gun to protect herself. I have dusted my gun off and it is now in a drawer ready should I need to protect myself. I pray I never have to use it, but my right to own one to protect myself is a right I never want to loose!

  75. stangpride says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your service and dedication. Thank you for not allowing another trajedy to occur in another school. I wish more people felt THIS was news, because it is VERY newsworthy when so many times the news is sad today. This made me happy to read. Thank you for taking pride in your job and your duties, and saving lives. You are an amazing hero!

  76. tammy vail says:

    Thank you for your service…God bless you and yours

  77. This story is not about the gunman or a veteran. This story is about a Heroic Police Officer that did her job and did it well . I Salute Officer Carolyn Gudger .

  78. Lee says:

    Put a tax on bullets. With somewhere between 200-260M guns in the U.S., at 30 rounds per gun avg, $1 a bullet would raise > $6B revenue. Use that to fund mental healthcare back to pre-Reagan levels.

    • Sooze-E-Q says:

      There are tax’s on ammo already. You want the government to increase the cost of ammo so that people will buy LESS ammo. This means that the “good guys” will have less ammo, as well. I bet if you or your child, was threatened in a mass shooting, you would be wishing that $1.00 per bullet was non-existent so that the good guys could have all the bullets they wanted.

      God bless you, Officer Grudger!! You saved many lives and you are an awesome hero!

  79. CARL (26 year military vet) says:

    The local paper responsible for this story needs to forward it to the three big TV news stations FOX,CNN and MSNBC. It will have a better chanceof getting broadcasted than if they receive it from a tweet or facebook from some wannabe amatueur. CNN might mention it. MSNBC will propabably brush it off with a few self-serving Obamian leftist style remarks emphasizing how we are too stupid to understand because we didn’t have the advantage of a reserved quoata slot to Harvard to study the joys of a controlled socialist society were the sainted few like Diane Fienstien can own a gun for self protection but the rest of us are to far below her magnificance and intelligence to do the same. Apparently she has more combat experience than we who served do. Must of got it fighting over ‘Le petit gateau et te’ at Washington pecking for position parties. This story needs to get out of Tenn. and into the national eye now while the gun haters are trying to take away everyone’s self-defence like in England were the only thing you can do is offer the assaliant your youngest daughter and hope you’ll get a chance to knife him while he’s got his mind occupied with his pleasure, and that’s the best scenario he may just decide to skip the sex and kill the whole undefended family with his illegal gun.

  80. Great Story. I wish my childs school has a resource officer. Go you want a job in Maryland?

  81. […] => School Shooting in Tennessee That National Media Did Not Report […]

  82. VinceWylde says:

    You anti-gun lot need to accept that, between his attempting to abolish the 22nd amendment, his attempts to disarm peaceful, law-abiding citizens, his constant abuse of executive orders, Barack Obama is not any more your friend, even though you voted for him, than he is of those who voted against him. He seeks to enslave you. By the time you accept it, if you speak up, you’ll be jailed – or worse – executed. Don’t think so? Ask the old USSR, 1930’s Germany, China, or even Cuba. You will be called a moron for having blinders on. Step 1: Disarm the citizens. Step 2. Abolish the constitution. He’s said himself that the constitution “a constant roadblock to what he wants to do”. That is a QUOTE. If we are disarmed, our 2nd Amendment right stripped so we cannot “defend ourselves from a domestic threat”, we are no longer free.

  83. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows we’re I stand on guns and gun control. This story outlines why I feel we should have armed guards in all schools. Seem say it is crazy and the politicians even baulk at the idea. Fact is that this is what Obama means when he recently wrote an executive order to help get more ‘resource’ officers in our schools. One of the few smart moves he has made .

  84. Allen says:

    I have to admit that I didn’t read ALL of the comments above, but I did read most of them.
    It is possible that I overlooked some mention of possible motive.

    Has anyone considered that this individual didn’t shoot the SRO, or anyone else for that matter, because he didn’t want to kill anyone? Isn’t it possible that he simply wanted to commit “Suicide By Cop”? I’ve been told that some people who can’t bring themselves to commit suicide, either for religious reasons or lack of “strength” put themselves in a position that “forces” someone else to kill them. I don’t know if that has ever happened, or even if it has, how would we know that for sure short of finding a note that would say something to that effect. It is sad that someone would do something of that nature, as in forcing someone else to take a life, but I suppose that “It could happen”. I am Pro gun, pro Second Amendment, pro having SROs in schools, a 20 year service retired veteran, and a parent with two children that attend a public high school. By no means am I saying that I know anything about this particular event, or about any school shooting. I comment the officers involved for their actions, as I understand them from reading this article. I am concerned that anyone that might volunteer to be an SRO, especially as a non-paid position, might be looked at as being a potential threat to school safety, the proverbial putting the fox in charge of security of the hen house.

  85. Donnag says:

    This woman is a hero!

  86. julienbrightside says:

    I have to agree, she is a hero.

    Still, I think there are more than one way to make these school shootings less often.

    Guards on school? Good idea.

    Background checks to buy a gun? Also a good idea. I mean, you don’t take a gun already owned, and you at least attempt to prevent people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them.

    Limit the types of weapons sold. You don’t need a lot of weapons nor a lot of ammo to protect yourself.

    Make sure the media doesn’t present the shooter as some sort of anti-hero.

    I mean, not everything can be as successful, but at least it is worth a try. Besides, the cost in money can’t be more worth than the cost of lives.

  87. Geno says:

    Very nice work!

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